Welcome to the English website of HITS! This website has been designed to offer an overview on the antecedents of HITS, as well as make all the Hungarian documentations and localized Selection Tool software applications facilitating the use of HITS freely available to all the parties concerned.

As the Hungarian development has followed the European ITS Framework Architecture, it is recommended to get acquainted with the English site www.frame-online.net, as well. For the time being, the Hungarian results still represent the simple translation of the European system architecture and the commencement of the preparation of the domestic model systems.

HITS is the acronym for Hungarian Framework Architecture for Intelligent Transport Systems describing the Hungarian equivalent of the English framework architecture for intelligent transport systems; such a system for the Hungarian framework of intelligent transport systems that summarizes the demands expected to emerge in connection with intelligent transport developments in the upcoming 10 years in Europe.

In this case, "Framework Architecture" means high-level system design that pertains to the system architecture of the national developments in intelligent transport, i.e. intelligent transport systems.

What is HITS?

HITS determine the functions that are suitable and required for the satisfaction of the demands of domestic organizations, ITS units acting as users and developers, alongside with the logical relations among them and data processes. It defines the requirements to be met by the systems in order to ensure even the international cooperation of systems and services.

The menus serve to view the associated documents, or test the HITS Selection Tool. The original version and antecedents of the Selection Tool are described in details, and available in English the website. With the software experts of Hétpont Kft., our company, COWI Hungary Ltd. worked on the localization of this latter software, Selection Tool. The last phase of the localization of the software, the Hungarian translation of the definition level will have been completed just these days, and uploaded to the website. Should You come to a halt in the use of the applications, please, contact us, as we are pleased to help You in any question in relation to HITS.

The editors of the website wish You useful reading and flawless system development activities.

Last update:2009